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You don't have to be a physician or licensed clinical professional to make a difference in healthcare. At ChenMed, we’re on a mission to transform primary care across the nation. This mission is supported by multiple teams within ChenMed’s home office located in Miami, FL.
News-Worthy Culture
There are a lot of moving pieces keeping ChenMed going daily. Along with our center and corporate teams, we all work together to achieve organizational goals. Our corporate teams include Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, Legal, IT, Sales, and Facilities. ​​​​​​


Finance The Finance team is comprised of accounting and finance professionals managing different financial aspects of the business. This includes forecasting, budgeting, preparing routine financial statements, and analyzing insurance financials.  
Marketing The Marketing team is responsible for creating and amplifying the voice of ChenMed through various channels and fueling the growth and reputation of ChenMed.
Human Resources HR team manages all aspects of ChenMed’s “People Department.” This group focuses on recruiting, career development, employee benefits, and more. 
Legal This team protects ChenMed from potential legal pitfalls seen and unseen. They are involved in many aspects of the business to maintain company and industry compliance. 
Facilities This team is involved in all aspects of ChenMed. They are the eyes, ears, and hands of the company. Without their insights and assistance, no building could be constructed, renovated, and maintained. These team members are the backbone of the organization.
IT Technology is one of the major keys to ChenMed’s success. It allows ChenMed to grow, scale, and serve patients nationwide. Our technology enables physicians to focus on delivering VIP healthcare to patients while minimizing administrative tasks. We continue to develop technology that transforms healthcare. 
Sales These team members are usually the first encounter a potential patient has with ChenMed. Our sales team is different from other sales teams. Team members are expected to go above and beyond a typical sales role and be advocates for ChenMed ensuring patients' needs are met when needed. 

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Simoukda Farina
From The Team
​​​​​​​“I’ve made friends who were at my wedding, mentors whom I look up to and a community where I have been able to learn and grow immensely.”
Leigh Bianco, Manager, Finance

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