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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Why Diversity at ChenMed

By living out our values, ChenMed strives to eliminate disparities and racial inequities in health care. We do this by fostering a culture of inclusion, celebrating the diversity of our team members, investing in workforce equity, creating an inclusive patient experience, and making a difference in the communities we serve.
News-Worthy Culture
“Big on diversity, ChenMed has developed programs to celebrate Black History Month, Women's History Month, Asian-American Pacific Islander Month, Hispanic Heritage Month, and Juneteenth.” ​​​

– Newsweek, Most Loved Workplaces 

DEI at ChenMed

Diversity is the celebration and raising of awareness of differences and similarities between team members and patients. At ChenMed, we commemorate holidays, heritage, and history months, encouraging team members and patients to represent their identities through cultural expressions of music, movement, food, and attire and creating moments of connection.
Equity ensures fair treatment and access to opportunity, information, and resources. Through analytical data research, career growth programming, and new technology platforms, ChenMed identifies and removes barriers that could impact our team members' and patients' experiences and advancement.
Inclusion provides a sense of belonging where everyone feels respected, accepted, supported, and valued. Through immersive and experiential learning experiences, like ChenMed’s “Love + Inclusion = Belonging” training, team members are given relevant life scenarios to reflect, respond to, and learn how to lead with love in a diverse environment.

Employee Resource Groups

Now that you know how to apply and how to prepare for an interview, here’s a closer look at what you can expect during the interview process, how we evaluate candidates, and other important information about life at ChenMed.
(All Working to Achieve Racial Equity and Equality)
Advocates for racial equality and social justice in the workplace and the communities ChenMed serves through education and outreach.
(ChenMed Healthcare Allied Respecting Individuality and Sexuality for Members and Associates)
Supports ChenMed LGBTQ+ team members and allies while striving for inclusion, serving patients, and supporting our community.
(Veterans Engagement Team)
Elevates, educates, and unites current and former military and team members who support them.
(Women Inspire Network)
Women Inspire Network inspires, empowers, and invests in ChenMed women to grow personally and professionally, give back to local communities, and guide ChenMed's business strategy.

Fostering Thought on DEI

DEI and How it Affects Employees

Where there are groups of people, there is culture, including the workplace. Yet not all workplace cultures are created equally. Not all employers make use of a DEI strategy. In an increasingly diverse world, most recognize the importance of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in creating a winning culture, not just in the eyes of the public but in the day-to-day experience of employees.

Racial Disparities in Healthcare

While research shows that communities of color experience higher infection rates, hospitalization, and death rates, there is hope. Public health researchers and healthcare professionals have long sounded the alarm about how communities of color in the United States are vulnerable to health threats like COVID-19 largely because of national, state, and local policies rooted in racism.

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Ashton Hartley
From The Team
​​“At ChenMed we celebrate and honor the diversity of shared and lived experiences of our team members. We actively seek ways to elevate the voices of our team members not just to amplify our culture of inclusion but to transform the lives of everyone we serve.”
Ashton Hartley, DEI Manager

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