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Zurab Shubtitdze
“I like to learn a bit about everything and a lot about a few things. I think ChenMed's mission of helping the elderly is honorable. Things are very fast paced here, and I embrace the challenge.”
Zurab Shubitidze, Senior Software Engineer 
“I love knowning that I have the opportunity to support the organization in achieving its goal to increase the number of our patients' healthy days so they can spend more time with their family and friends.”
Gaurav Mehta, Senior Manager
phenom communities



Collaborate in upgrading

architecture, site structure


Infrastructure, Architecture & Operations


Architecture &


Implement designs, write

scripts, configure systems

and servers and…

Product & Project Management

Product & Project


Define strategy and processes,

manage, coordinate and lead

tech-related activities and…

user experience

User Experience

Plan and conduct user

research, design journey maps,

info flows, architecture, and…

 Information Security



Direct and oversee strategic plan,

manage company-wide information

security, establish long-range…


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